Smoke Testing

Flue Integrity Testing

Smoke testing is a very important part of all chimney sweeping procedures. Once the chimney has been swept or power swept you must test the drew on the fire. This is done by lighting a smoke pellet and placing it in the fire and making sure the smoke comes out of the chimney pot.

To carry out a full smoke test or integrity test you must block of the chimney pot. This is done by inserting a leather or inflatable bladder system up through the chimney flue. Once in place the bladder system blocks the chimney flue.

The chimney flue is then filled with smoke. If you have any problems with in your chimney breast or stack. Smoke would then fill the room. If smoke is detected, you would be advised not to us that chimney flue. To re-use that chimney flue you would advised to have a flue liner installed’ London chimney cleaners can advise and install all chimney liner and twin wall systems.

What do the readings mean?

A pass reading means that your flue is deemed to be operating within safe parameters. This tells us that your flue appears sound and is fit to use.

A fail reading means that your flue is leaking more than the allowable rate and that a dangerous level of fumes may be leaking into your home. If your flue achieves a fail rating we’d advise you not to use your chimney until further diagnostic testing is carried out.