Chimney Sweep in Barnes

Power Sweeping and CCTV Inspection in Barnes

We offer a full range of chimney sweep and power sweeping services Barnes. We have been cleaning chimneys for years and take pride in the quality of our work. A good chimney sweep will sheet out your fireplace to stop any soot from entering your room. Chimney sweep must use a hoover with special filters to stop soot dust polluting the air. Most chimney sweeper with years of knowledge will know what to do.

Chimney sweeping has been around for years and has not change in the way we clean chimneys. New way of sweeping your chimney is chimney power sweeping. Power sweeping sweeps your chimney much better than tradition sweeping. Power sweeping is a specialist way of removing heavy build-up of soot and tar. Power sweeping takes a bit longer and cost a lot more, but cleans your chimney much better than normal chimney sweeping. Once your chimney sweep has cleaned your chimney they will complete a smoke test and then issue a certificate.

How often should your chimney be cleaned?

Smokeless coals: At least once a year
Wood: Once a season when in use
Bitumous coal: Twice a year
Oil: Once a year
Gas: Once a year

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To make an enquiry about Chimney Sweeping & Power Sweeping Services please call us on 020 3667 2678

“London Chimney Cleaner came and cleaned all our chimneys, as I could smell soot. Good job done”.

Jacqui Cooney (SW19)