Surveys & Inspections

London chimney cleaners specialise in chimney surveys. We use the latest equipment from Germany. Chimney inspection equipment is made from a company call wholer. They are one of the world leading experts in this field.

Chimney surveys or chimney inspection are carried out when there are problem with your chimney flu. These problems can be cause by birds nest or loose bricks or lack of maintenance over the years.

Property developers or nation trust or general build or chartered surveys would often use CCTV equipment to surveys each chimney flu.
Before any chimney survey the chimney must be cleaned. Any loose debris could cause damage to the cameras.

London chimney cleaner can survey your chimney. Each chimney survey is recorded along with a written report. The chimney survey is then sent to you via email. We also keep a copy for our own records

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Chimney survey or chimney inspection would show!

Birds nest.
Loose bricks.
Heavy build-up of soot or tar.
Internal cracks that can cause smoke leakage.
How the chimney flu is built i.e. bricks, concrete, Height and diameter and how many bends.