Chimney Repairs

Masonry Repairs & Rebuilds

Chimney stacks are often the last to be maintained. Over the years your chimney stack will start to decay. The brick pointing and the concrete slab around the chimney pots will start to let water in. water damage can cause lots of problem i.e. ceiling collapse , mold and damp patches.

The chimney stack will start to crack and some time the chimney stack will collapse as there is no mortar holding the chimney stack together. This can cause damage to other parts of the house or harm somebody. A chimney survey or chimney CCTV inspection could identify the cause of the problems and work out the best solution to fix the problems.

London chimney cleaners can re-point or rebuild your chimney stack to make it water tight and safe. A member of our staff is a qualified bricklayer with 25 years’ experience city and guild trained. If your chimney needs repairing or you need a chimney CCTV inspection call us today to arrange for a chimney survey today.

Chimney Sweeper rebuilds, include

Scaffolding Setup
Scaffolding Tear down & Disposal
Reconstruction of your existing chimney

These classifications are the most common of required chimney rebuilds:

Partial Chimney Rebuilds
Roof Line Up Chimney Rebuilds
Total Chimney Rebuilds