London Chimney Cleaner

About Us

London chimney cleaners have been cleaning chimneys for many years. We pride our self on the quality of our work. All our staff are fully trained. We use the very best equipment which ranging from chimney sweeping the CCTV equipment from Germany.

Chimney sweeping has been around for a long time and can be very dirty job. Chimney that are cleaned regular and are used in the correct way produce very little soot. Over many year you learn the best way to seal a fireplace to stop the soot from going everywhere.

Chimney sweepers are regarded as lucky as you would often see them at weddings. In Victorian times chimneys sweeper would often called a breath of fresh air, because of the smell of soot in most houses. Once cleaned the smell of soot would vanish leaving the house smelling fresh. In Victorian times chimney sweeper work was long and hard and very dirty resulting in chimney sweepers dying from cancer caused from working from soot.

Glad to see that things have changed. Most chimney sweeper where protective clothing and breathing masks and sheet out to make sure the room is left clean and tidy. Most chimney sweepers are fully insured and issue a certificate after every sweep. Each chimney flue cleaned will get its own certificate.